Handmade Christmas gifts to be treasured for years

Even the most savvy shopper can sometimes be stumped by the prospect of buying Christmas presents. Be honest, we’ve all got that one person on our list that’s notoriously tricky to buy for! Perhaps they seem to have everything already, or maybe they have very particular tastes. Or perhaps you’re struggling to find something truly unique to express just how much they mean to you.

Thankfully, Silver Sisters offers a range of versatile jewellery pieces suitable for friends, family and loved ones, beautifully designed to suit all styles. And each sterling silver piece has been carefully created to ensure it’s treasured for years to come.

So forget endlessly trailing the high street in search of the perfect present – it’s right here! We’ve compiled our top five Christmas gift ideas and there really is something for everyone.

What’s more, we lovingly gift wrap every item in tissue paper and place in an organza bag. Plus, we offer free shipping on all UK orders. Christmas shopping has never been easier!

Wish upon a star

Sterling Silver Torque Bangle with Star Charm Bracelet

This stunning sterling silver torque bangle has been exclusively designed for Silver Sisters and handmade on the beautiful Island of Bali. The simple bangle features an additional chain, finished with a delicate star, and is highly polished to give a mirror-like shine.

It’s perfect for adding a subtle sparkle to any outfit. Go on, make someone’s Christmas wish come true!

Sterling Silver Torque Bangle with Star Charm Bracelet, £46

Heaven sent

Sterling Silver Angel Wings Necklace

This gorgeous handmade necklace features two angel wings, with a delicate feather effect on the front, and a highly polished finish to the back. The quality pendants have a considerable weight, crafted with the intention they’ll be worn for years to come.

This beautiful keepsake has been designed to be worn close to the heart, in every sense.

Sterling Silver Angel Wings Necklace, £48

A Christmas to remember

Sterling Silver Moon and Star Pendant and Necklace

This charming Silver Moon and Star pendant has been thoughtfully handcrafted in 925 sterling silver and polished to a sparkling high shine. The pendant hangs on a beautifully fine sterling silver diamond cut curb chain, finished with a lobster clasp.

Just imagine your loved one unwrapping this on Christmas Eve, and the memories it while evoke every year thereafter.

Sterling Silver Moon and Star Pendant and Necklace, £34

The power of love

Sterling Silver Long Contemporary 9 Heart Necklace

This carefully crafted necklace features nine sterling silver hearts, each one thoughtfully placed to ensure the piece as a whole drapes beautifully over the body. The chain is a simple 2mm wide Belcher design and the hearts are of varying sizes for a truly unique look.

What better time than Christmas to give someone your heart!

Sterling Silver Long Contemporary 9 Heart Necklace, £79

The gift that keeps on giving

Sterling Silver Unusual Link Heavy Bracelet

This contemporary style bracelet in the highest quality 925 sterling silver features an unusual link design with a slightly oxidised finish to give added definition. The clasp is a click-in-and-lock design with an additional swing-over arm for extra security.

The easy-to-wear, versatile look of this bracelet means it could be worn every day, for a constant and lasting reminder of the giver.

Sterling Silver Unusual Link Heavy Bracelet, £140


Which Size Will Fit – Guide on Bracelet and Bangle Sizing

Buying Jewellery online is not always the easiest especially when it comes to bracelets, we all vary in size and preference on the fit, but with a little guidance we can help you make the right decision.  All you need is a flexible measuring tape, a bit of string, or paper and ruler to wrap round your wrist/or hand then consult our tables below, and voila you have your answer.  Where to measure is slightly different for bangles and torques than for bracelets so make sure you refer to the right one.

What can be trickier is if you are buying as a present and don’t want them know! Unless you attempt to measure them while they are asleep (which is a bit weird) what are you to do?  Well, our advice would be to go with an educated  guesstimate, are they are smaller or larger than average. And if this very scientific approach doesn’t quite work we offer a 30 day refund / exchange policy (longer during the Christmas period).

Step by Step for Bracelet

Measure the circumference of wrist then add a little (see table below).
Measure size for bracelet

  1. Use a flexible tape measure, a piece or string or even just at strip of paper.
  2. Wrap the measure round your wrist – ensuring that you measuring over the largest part where the wrist bone is.
  3. Measure your string, paper and note down that measurement.
  4. Add at least 1.5cm (1/2”) for comfort, for a looser fit add between 1.5cm to 2.5 cm (1/2” to 1”) to the length of the bracelet. ​​​​​​

Average Bracelet Size
Average size for a woman’s bracelet is the Small 8″ or 20.23
Average size for a man bracelet is medium 8.5″ or  21.59cm.


Measure for a bangle

Measure the circumference of your hand at its largest point when its closed and flat as if putting on a bangle.

  1. Hold your hand flat, close you fingers together and then tuck your thumb in under to touch your pinkie (as if putting on a bangle, see photo).
  2. Using a flexible tape measure, a piece of string or a strip of paper measure the largest part of your hand (usually over the thumb joint).
  3. Measure the paper/string and take note of this measurement and use the table below to work out the diameter of the bracelet which will fit you.

Average Bangle or Torque Size
Average size of a bangle for a woman is the diameter of 6.5cm and 7.5cm for a man.

​​​​​Silver Sisters bracelets come in four sizes although and bangles in two depending on the style. If you size isn’t there then do drop us an email, it’s not always possible to do custom orders but if we can we will.